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Broken Window Repair Portland Or

Broken Window Repair Portland Or Accidents happen, and things get broken. If the thing that breaks is a glass window, please be very careful. Broken glass can do a lot of damage. When you require reliable broken window repair Portland OR, call on us. We are East Side Glass, and we're easily reached by dialing 971.409.3510

If you suddenly hear the sound of breaking glass, try not to panic. Glass is great stuff, but it can be fragile, especially when hit by an errant golf ball or pop fly baseball. Please make sure the kids and pets stay away from the broken glass, then give us a call. We are East Side Glass, and we are the company people trust when they require on the spot broken window repair. Portland OR is where we offer top to bottom glass and window service for your home or commercial structure. If you own an older home without double-pane or other Low-E type windows, we highly recommend doing an upgrade at the time we come to do broken window repair Portland OR.

If you're planning a construction project, don't forget about installing energy efficient windows.  Unless you've got insulated vinyl windows, you are probably throwing money right out those drafty, leaky windows. Older windows are huge money wasters, because they allow cool, conditioned air out in summertime and they let heated interior air slip outside in wintertime. Give us a call today so we may chat about your replacement window options. When we come do broken window repair Portland OR, it's the ideal time to do glass replacement. Portland is a wonderful place to live. We live here, too. We are East Side Glass, and we would be delighted to upgrade your windows. Replacement windows can go far toward reducing your heating and cooling costs.

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